Welcome to the CYRUS CIRCLE!

The CYRUS CIRCLE is an exclusive community that brings together lovers and enthusiasts of Cyrus creations. As owner of one or more Cyrus timepieces, we invite you to subscribe to the CYRUS CIRCLE.

By joining before the expiry of the regular, 2-year warranty on Cyrus timepieces, you will be granted an additional 2-year warranty extension. Like the regular warranty, the extension covers any manufacturing defects that are recognized as such by Cyrus. As a CYRUS CIRCLE member, you will also receive invitations to exhibitions or private events in your country, our latest news updates, and exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming watch releases.

Become a member of the community by registering your timepiece and contact details.


The 2-year warranty extension will only be granted if all required data are correctly entered in the form.

Join the Cyrus Circle

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