Your Cyrus timepiece is part of a limited edition, entirely manufactured, finished, and assembled by the hands of our master watchmakers in our Atelier in Switzerland. Each piece strikes the perfect balance between tradition and innovation without compromising on quality or respect for the centuries-old art of watchmaking. Our timepieces are created to be faithful, lifelong companions and a precious asset to be passed onto future generations.


Each Cyrus timepiece is accompanied by a unique warranty card. In order to activate the warranty, the card must be filled out with the reference number, serial number, date of purchase, stamp and signature of an authorised Cyrus retailer.

Your Cyrus timepiece is covered by an international warranty for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Any manufacturing defects that are recognized, at their sole discretion of an authorised Cyrus Service Center, will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

The warranty does not cover defects and damage caused by accidents, improper use, normal wear or tear of the components, theft, or loss.

To benefit from the Cyrus warranty, you will be required to present the original warranty certificate, filled out by a Cyrus authorised retailer. Any alteration of the warranty certificate after its creation will render it void.


We are proud to welcome you to the select group of happy owners of Cyrus timepieces. Your Cyrus timepiece is a valuable and sophisticated mechanical time-telling instrument. With the right handling and maintenance, it will function as perfectly as on the first day of use for many years to come. Maintenance and repair must be performed by an authorised Cyrus Service Center with highly qualified technicians trained by Cyrus. This guarantees the original integrity of your watch in case components are replaced.


Regular maintenance at an authorised Cyrus Service Center is necessary to ensure excellent performance and reliability over time. This is essential to preserving the beauty of your Cyrus timepiece. Your watch contains mechanical components that require regular cleaning and lubrication to minimize the wear of parts subject to friction. Thus, we recommend you overhaul your Cyrus timepiece every three years. This process involves refurbishment of the case, examination of the individual parts of the movement that, if necessary, are restored to their original condition or replaced with original parts.

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