CYRUS was founded by a Swiss entrepreneurial family with a long tradition in the creation of leading global luxury brands. Based on their profound luxury expertise and their passion for the haute horlogerie, the family has created the Cyrus brand in 2010.

To realize their vision of high-end watchmaking, the family believes in working with the best and most creative people. Thus, Cyrus has partnered with Jean-Francois Mojon, one of the greatest and most inspirational master watchmakers of our time.

Cyrus also believes in the benefits of owning its own and completely independent Manufacture. The Cyrus strategy takes a long-term perspective that is enabled by the family ownership. The corresponding financial independence of the Cyrus brand is at the basis of its creative freedom and brand’s uniqueness.

General Manager of CYRUS is Walter Ribaga, with a qualified professional career of over 35 years of experience in the watchmaking sector.


Cyrus' vision can be summarized in the “Conquest of innovation”. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of innovation possible.

Fine mechanical watchmaking is an artform in its own right. Art is about freedom to create expressed by the artist in bringing his ideas to life.

As a modern, dynamic and independent company with our own Manufacture in Le Locle, headed by the brilliant creative mind of our master watchmaker Jean-François Mojon, Cyrus aims for the limits in mechanical watch engineering and for a unique and distinctive aesthetics which endow its creations with a strong identity. To achieve such outstanding technical and stylistic innovations require a conquering spirit and the willingness to take new, unconventional paths. All this without compromising in any way on quality and respect for tradition.

As a result, a Cyrus timepiece is not merely a watch but a piece of art.

Cyrus team

Jean-Francois Mojon
  • Jean-Francois Mojon
  • Master Watchmaker
Dr. Pablo Richard
  • Dr. Pablo Richard
  • Owner & President
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