• Black DLC titanium
  • Ref. 539.102.B
  • Limited to 33 pieces


The wish to explore the “3D universe” in watchmaking was the starting point for the creation of the models Klepcys Moon and Klepcys Mars. The idea was to translate the conventional indications of a timepiece into the “third dimension” conferring on each a totally new and unique interpretation, both from the mechanical and aesthetic side. It was above all the fact of "thinking in three-dimensions" that opened up unsuspected perspectives. During the creative process, each function was individually developed. Subsequently, a painstaking stylistic study was necessary in order to harmoniously integrate all the functions to achieve a balanced result of its distinctive architecture.
Jean-François Mojon
Master Watchmaker

About the Klepcys Mars Black

Developed by Jean-François Mojon with no less than two patents, the avant-garde design and innovative mechanical system of the Klepcys Moon and Klepcys Mars make these timepieces stand out.

The first innovation comes with the linear display of time, made possible by the timepiece’s one-of-a-kind movement. This movement governs the speed of the wheels pushing the retrograde hours, minutes, and seconds as well as the unusually-shaped hour hand. Every 12 hours, the hour hand glides a full 180°, distinguishing day-time from night-time in the process. As time passes, the hour hand always remains perfectly aligned with the two concentric disks displaying minutes and seconds.

The second innovative aspect of these timepieces is the retrograde date display, placed between 12 and 3 o’clock on the dial. The date is indicated by a rotating jumping cube of tens that slides changes according to the current date.

Lastly, the eye-catching 3D spherical moon-phase with its black cover gradually hides and reveals the moon according to its position in relation to Earth. The Klepcys Mars has the same 3D-designed miniature of Mars, rotating a full Martian day every 24 hours, 37 minutes, and 22 seconds.

  • Material Grade 5 black DLC titanium
  • Diameter 47 mm (excluding the crowns)
  • Thickness 22 mm
  • Crown at 3 o’clock Adjusts date by pressing the push-button
  • Crown at 9 o’clock

    In position 1, it winds the movement,
    In position 2, it adjusts the time.

  • Glass Anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass on dial
  • Bezel Titanium bezel with satin-finish surface, rounded and mirror-polished edges, secured with customized screws
  • Case back Full case back closed with customized screws, reproduction of the coin first minted during the reign of Cyrus the Great
  • Water-resistance 3 ATM (30 m - 100 ft)
  • Material Black caoutchouc strap with triangular prism pattern and red stitching
  • Clasp Folding customized clasp
  • Hour ring with red lacquered Arabic numerals, red lacquered display with “Phases of Mars” reproduction

    Red and white lacquered cubes composing the rotating retrograde hour hand, rounded and polished edges

    Two concentric red lacquered discs for minutes and seconds indication

    Central fixing point with red lacquered Cyrus logo

    Grooved black matt arch as date window

    Static units, engraved and filled with red lacquer

    Rotating retrograde cube for the tens, engraved and filled with red lacquer

    7.6 mm three-dimensional spherical red lacquered planet Mars. The planet makes a complete rotation in 24 hours, 37 minutes and 22 seconds

  • Retrograde hours over a 180° arch

    Minutes and seconds on central concentric discs

    Day/night indication

    Spherical rotating planet Mars 

    Large retrograde date display

  • Calibre In-house manufactured shaped self-winding winding movement, calibre CYR598
  • Number of components 390
  • Number of jewels 40
  • Frequency 4 Hz
  • Vibrations per hour 28.800
  • Balance Wheel Annular balance wheel
  • Patents Patented mechanism for regulating the speed of the retrograde hour, minute and second wheels and the day/night indication

    Patented retrograde calendar
  • Power reserve 40-hour
  • Oscillator Oscillating mass on ceramic ball bearings without lubrication

Master Watchmaker

Master watchmaker, Jean-François Mojon, is one of today’s best-known and most courted in the craft. Honored at the Grand Prix de la Haute Horlogerie of Geneva in 2010 as “best independent master watchmaker”, Jean-François is the mastermind behind all CYRUS creations.

Jean-François Mojon

Jean-François Mojon

Klepcys Mars Black

Limited to 33 pieces

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